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What They Didn’t Tell You About the Al Gore Divorce in the News

What They Didn’t Tell You About the Al Gore Divorce in the NewsA Summary of the Events Leading Up to the Al Gore Divorce

In June of 2010, former Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper Gore released an email sent to their close personal friends alerting them that the couple would be undergoing a divorce. Within the email illustrating the details of the Al Gore Divorce, the couple explained that the decision was made after attempted reconciliation and careful consideration:

Al Gore was the Vice President between the years of 1992 and 2000 under the Presidency of Bill Clinton; Tipper Gore is most widely known as a result of her participation in the Parents’ Music Resource Center (PMRC) – a lobbyist group aimed at heightening the awareness of parents with regard to the content of the music to which their children listen.

The couple married in 1970 and remained married for upwards of 40 years

Al Gore and Tipper Gore share 4 children; Karenna, Kristin, Sarah, and Albert III.

The Al Gore Divorce Settlement

Divorce laws within the United States undertake the following stipulations with regard to filing for divorce; yet, there has been no mention of a prenuptial agreement undertaken by the couple upon their marriage – within the enactment of the Al Gore Divorce, the couple will be required to adhere to the following parameters with regard to the dissolution of marriage.

The Determination of Fault

Reports released in news sources depicted the Al Gore Divorce as occurring in an amicable and agreeable fashion; reports have shown both Al Gore and Tipper Gore to remain within good standing with each other. However, allegations arose with regard to the reasoning for the Al Gore Divorce, which included the alleged inappropriate touching of a massage therapist enacted by Al Gore – a rumor that has not been substantiated.

The Prenuptial Agreement in the Al Gore Divorce

A prenuptial agreement may be a formulated agreement furnished by one or both partners of a marriage that serves as a preemptive, preventative measure with regard to the prospect of the dissolution of the marriage taking place; however, the Al Gore Divorce settlement makes no mention of such a document – the couple is expected to split their shared assets evenly:

Reports show that Al Gore’s approximate net worth is upwards of $100 million; together, the couple owns 3 homes in Virginia, California, and Tennessee.

Due to the fact that the 4 children involved in the Al Gore Divorce are above the ages of consideration for minor status, the notion of child support and custody cease to be an issue within the Al Gore Divorce.

Will There Be More Than One Gore Divorce?

In an ironic turn of events – and shortly after the release of the news of the Al Gore Divorce, Kristin Gore publicized that she will undergo her own individual divorce from her husband, Drew – the couple was married for upwards of 13 years.