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Massachusetts Divorce Records Online

Massachusetts Divorce Records Online


By virtue of a lengthy history, the Massachusetts archives cover a number of public records, including divorce and some records (not divorces) stretch as far back as 1635.  It is important to note however, that recent divorce records are not public records but rather private information.  You will need to seek out the probate court where the divorce took place in order to obtain a certified copy of the divorce decree.  The state of Massachusetts will only honor requests for certified documents, which is unlike other states that may issue uncertified copies to interested parties.


There is no way to access Massachusetts divorce records online as that information is not stored on the internet.  Due to privacy concerns, not third party can readily access Massachusetts divorce records online and the probate courts all have distinct procedures to control access to protected private records.


Ordering certified records


You will need to contact the court system where the divorce took place.  Either the court clerk’s office will have the record available at the courthouse or will arrange for the delivery of a certified copy of the divorce decree from storage.  You must follow all regulations set by the system including paying the appropriate fees, showing government issued ID, proving a relationship with one or both of the spouses if they are not listed on the document.

You may use the mass.gov website to locate the county of municipality and the court where the divorce decree was granted.  The procedures will be substantially the same, but ensure that you comply with the entire procedure to prevent delays.


Genealogical research


If the divorce in question is over fifty years old, you may be able to find it as a public record through arrangements with the Massachusetts state archives.  You will need to contact this agency separately for more information on these records, locating specific records and the payment of search fees, if applicable.


Using a third party


Unlike other states, VitalChek cannot be used to process payments for Massachusetts divorce records online as these records are held at the county level.  However, VitalChek is still used for other records in the state.  This would have been the only legitimate way to order Massachusetts divorce records online.  Other third parties may offer to help you find Massachusetts divorce records online, but they certainly cannot claim affiliation with state and local governments and will likely charge fees for a process you can do on your own.


There are strong protections against the leak of secured data and unauthorized access of private records.  Access cannot be sold for Massachusetts divorce records online and you will never be able to view private records without proper authorization.