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Fast Divorce

Fast Divorce


A Fast Divorce Is Possible!



How so? Thanks to a number of possibilities:



1. Mediation


2. The Internet



Typically in the past, it was always a commonality that there was no such thing as a ‘fast divorce.’ Most would last as long as 18 months.



These days, that’s just not viable. There’s way too much going on that can be negatively impacted, like –



1. Children


2. Finances


3. Health



And much, much more.



For starters, here’s a more in-depth look on the options for a fast divorce. Take notes.



The Idea of “Divorce Mediation”



Most of the reasons why there can be no such thing as a fast divorce are the fact that some petitions enter into a ‘contest.’



That simply means there’s a dispute, or a disagreement, with the petition in part or in whole. What happens then is that it goes to court, and that’s where a potential ‘fast’ divorce turns into a ‘very slow’ divorce.



And there’s nothing more nightmarish than a ‘very slow’ divorce.



Divorce mediation actually seeks to circumvent the need for the court to step in. Likewise, that also means legal representation isn’t necessary. It involves what’s commonly called a “divorce mediator,” typically operating outside the court system. Generally speaking, both spouses have a mutual agreement to go through a divorce process all the way to the final judgment for divorce, so really all a mediator does is negotiate all the provisions in the fast divorce, such as:



1. Child Support


2. Child Custody


3. Parenting Time


4. Alimony


5. Taxes


6. Retirement


7. Property Distribution



Mediation is generally much faster than a regular petition in court – and also much cheaper.



And Then There’s the Internet



These days, thanks to the World Wide Web, most petitions can be easily filled out right online. There’s no need to head over to the courthouse and obtain the correct documents. In addition, a simple download of the file, plus instructions on what to fill out will take care of the whole situation faster than a judge can blink.



Anyone can even find other documents online, such as….



1. Marital Settlement Agreements


2. Financial Statements


3. Affidavits


4. Complaints


5. Motion for Modification of Child Support


6. Motion for Modification of Child Custody



Everything from forms dealing with alimony to forms dealing with wage garnishment can be found online and then easily filed away at the courthouse in the county from which the petition was filed.



It definitely saves money, helps the process move a lot quicker, and can save a lot of headaches for both parties.



In addition, if attorneys are necessary in any petition that may go to court, that’s less work on the lawyers, which may speed the entire dispute along. Whatever can help the lawyers will ultimately help the parties involved in the dispute for the divorce. There’s no doubt about that. 



Yes, a Fast Divorce Is Possible



Knowing what to do is what matters. And with the right pieces of knowledge, it’s clear that any petition for divorce can be a simple breeze, especially when it’s under mutual agreement.