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Florida Divorce Forms

Florida Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Florida Divorce Forms


Florida divorce forms are easy to access, easy to read, and easy to fill out.  You can find a complete list of all FL divorce forms on the official website of the Florida State Court.  You’ll want to read the general information on self-represented litigants before you begin filling out any Florida divorce forms.  


Even if you are thinking about self-representation, it’s still a good idea to seek the legal advice of a FL family law attorney.  Even if you don’t want representation, a lawyer can still help you fill out the Florida divorce forms correctly and help you turn the documents in at the right time. 


Below is a list of all FL divorce forms.  You can find a complete list of all forms arranged numerically on the State Court’s website:


Forms 12.900-12.909: Petitions, Answers and Supporting Documents


Forms 12.900 (A-H) provide services for the notice of limited appearance, limiting representation, acknowledgement of assistance by an attorney, and more

Forms 12.901 (A-B3) are different kinds of petitions from a simplified dissolution or marriage to a dissolution of marriage with no dependant or minor children or property. 

Forms 12.902 (B-J) are for financial services related to child support and child custody.  This category also has documents for the notice of a social security number. 

Forms 12.903 (A-E) are documents for the answer, waiver, or request for a copy of the final judgment to an answer for counterpetition.  

Forms 12.904 (A-B) and 12.905 (A-D) are documents related to dependent children and petitions for the modification of alimony or child support.  


Forms 12.920-12.929: Procedural 

These forms are mainly for notices of hearings and trials.  


Forms 12.930- 12.939: Discovery

Most of these forms can be filled out electronically and serve as documents for enacting subpoenas for documents from the other party.  Florida divorce form 12.932 is a certificate of compliance with mandatory disclosure.  


Forms 12.940-12.949: Motions


Forms 12.941 (A-E) are documents to put limitations on a parent and child.  The documents prevent the removal of minor children, deny passport services to some children, and serve as orders to pick up minor children.  

Forms 12.947 (A-D) are Florida divorce forms for temporary support for children or a spouse.  

Forms 12.950 (A-J) serve as judgments in the relocation of children to the civil contempt for the return of a child.  

Forms 12.951 (A-B) are for disestablishing paternity or terminating child support obligation. 


Forms 12.970-12.979: Temporary/Concurrent Custody

These FL divorce forms are petitions for custody from extended family, orders to grant temporary custody, and orders for concurrent custody.  


Forms 12.980 – 12.989: Special Cases


Forms 12.980 (A-U) are used as protection measures for domestic violence, repeat violence, or sexual violence against the other spouse or minor child.  

Forms 12.982 (A-G) are all documents associated with a name change.  


Forms 12.990-12.999: Judgments and Orders

These Florida divorce forms act as statements for final judgments in the divorce hearing.  The documents range from child custody and child support judgments to property distribution judgments.