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Alimony Calculator Michigan

Alimony Calculator Michigan


A Short Introduction to the Michigan Alimony Calculator



What is a Michigan alimony calculator?



Alimony calculators are used to determine what alimony payments will be ordered by a judge considering each spouse’s financial background. They require strict guidelines in state law to create a formula for deciding alimony. 



Unfortunately, no strict laws exist for determining Michigan alimony. In fact, in the 2010 case Myland v. Myland the Michigan Court of Appeals determined mathematical formulas unconstitutional for deciding alimony, so no true Michigan alimony calculators exist. Yet a little research into state law can help you to simulate the effects of an alimony calculator for Michigan.



What factors should an alimony calculator in Michigan consider?



Michigan law has stipulated the different factors that judges are to consider when crafting their own alimony agreements. When simulating an alimony calculator for Michigan, you should read all of the following questions based on Michigan law to get an idea of how great your alimony check will be. The more “Yes” answers, the more alimony will likely be paid.



1. Did the marriage last more than five years? More than ten? More than twenty?



2. Is the paying spouse able to maintain a reasonable lifestyle while making alimony payments?



3. Is the recipient spouse at too old an age to make re-entry into the workforce a highly profitable endeavor?



4. Is the health of the recipient spouse not well enough to allow for full-employment?



5. Is the recipient spouse not well educated enough to support their lifestyle given the current job climate?



6. Is the recipient spouse able to work or must they care full-time for minor children or a disabled adult?



7. Did the paying spouse receive the majority of property in the Marital Settlement?



8. Did the recipient spouse contribute quite a bit to the ownership of property now allotted to the paying spouse?



9. Did the recipient spouse have to ignore opportunities for employment in the past because of domestic duties.



When is a Michigan alimony calculator no longer active?



The Revised Structured Settlement Protection Act directly addresses the different elements that may cause an alimony order to change and thus negate the results of a simulated Michigan alimony calculator. The direct reason for change is ‘imminent financial hardship,” but that can be defined in any of the following manners, so if any are true for you, you may be able to cancel or increase your alimony order:



1.  Significant debt has been incurred by the spouse paying alimony because of child support, spousal support, funeral expenses, a court judgment, or a tax lien.



2. The recipient spouse needs further funds for education, or else their education and job training are complete.



3. The recipient spouse is in need of a vehicle for the purposes of work or child transportation, assuming that public transportation is not available.



4. The recipient spouse needs to move or change their home.



5. Medical care has been requested for a dependent of the spouse paying alimony or their medical costs have increased for the spouse.