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Legal Aid for Child Custody

Legal Aid for Child Custody


How to Find Legal Aid for Child Custody


This is an important point when involving legal aid for child custody: any parent’s going to want assistance from a good lawyer. That is an undisputed fact. Legal aid = good legal representation.


So How Does One Go About Getting That Good Legal Aid for Child Custody?


Simple. Here are the steps to take:


1. Search the Phone Book


Obviously. It’s the best place to find a lawyer. But no prospective parent seeking legal aid for child custody should stop there. This is why it’s the first step.


What any parent should do is gather a shortlist of lawyers and all the contact information for each lawyer they find in the county. The list should be about five or six candidates.


Typically, a parent should stick with the ads in the phone book that list the basic information – name of office or firm, phone number, e-mail address, web site, location. No “salesy” ads with all the capital letters or empty promises. Experienced attorneys don’t make promises. They simply work the case. And they work it well.


But from there, the search for legal aid for child custody continues to the next step:


2. Meet With Each Lawyer


It’s called the ‘free consultation.’ And most lawyers, if not all of them, offer it. This is the reason for only gathering the basic contact information. The first step directly leads to this step.


Basically what the ‘free consultation’ is, is a meeting between each lawyer to discuss the child custody case. A client can get the best idea possible from meeting with the lawyer – to see if the case is viable, if the lawyer’s viable, if the business relationship can be viable.


Without a doubt, a client must feel that the business relationship between prospective parent and prospective lawyer can work out well. Or in all honesty the ordeal of filing for child custody can be a headache.


Once this step in the search for legal aid for child custody is completed, there’s only one last step to consider…. And to be fair, it’s the most neglected step, for obvious reasons.


3. Make the Choice!


Make no mistake: lawyers are expensive. And nothing hurts more than having to shell out money you feel you may not have, especially when dealing with a divorce. Money seems to be a big problem in divorce, for obvious reasons –


There’s taxes to worry about, child support to worry about, alimony to worry about. And now a parent has to worry about hiring a lawyer?


The fact is many prospective parents looking for legal help with child custody opt to represent themselves in court. This is a big mistake.


Child custody cases can get pretty complex and pretty serious. Having a good lawyer that knows the ins and outs can definitely help things out. So, even when it may hurt the bank account, don’t deny the chance to ensure that everything is fair when it comes to child custody:


A client can consider the budget and go with a lawyer that offers rates or fees that are ‘not so bad.’ But without a doubt, experience trumps money – to a certain point.


But the bottom line is this: a choice must be made. This is about child custody. This is about the children.


So when searching for legal aid, make the right choice. Find a good lawyer.