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Divorce Mediation Tips

Divorce Mediation Tips


Some Good Divorce Mediation Tips



If there was anything that required some specific ‘help’ or just basic tips, it would be the subject of divorce – because dealing with that sort of situation can not only be financially stressful, but emotionally and mentally stressful.



The best possible help can make things a lot easier. Hence the reason for mediation in divorce. To be fair, though, mediation isn’t necessarily the ‘traditional’ method for handling a divorce.



The Common Method



For the most part, it’s about obtaining the correct legal documents – Marital Settlement Agreement, Petition, Financial Statement. The Petitioner (spouse wanting the divorce) files the petition at the courthouse, Respondent (spouse receiving the petition) receives a copy of it, files a response, petition goes through, waiting period begins, any provisions in the petition that need to be discussed typically would be discussed in court, with or without lawyers present, and then finally a judgment is issued on the divorce.



To be truthful, the ‘common’ method does take a while. Mediation, however, is completely different:



The Advantages of Mediation in Divorce



While there are some tips to keep in mind (and we will get to that), these are some of the things you can consider when thinking about mediation.



1. No Legal Aid Is Necessary


2. The Process Moves a Lot Quicker


3. Mediation Is a Lot Cheaper


4. Completely Confidential



What Is ‘Mediation’?



It’s essentially like a petition for divorce. The only difference is the actual petition really doesn’t enter into court. Mediation is where two spouses deliberate on the provisions of a petition with the help of an impartial “mediator.”



Such provisions can include these:



1. Property Distribution


2. Child Support


3. Child Custody


4. Alimony


5. Parenting Time



Mediation even includes a couple more into the mix, like….



1. Taxes


2. Retirement



Automatically, it’s obvious that there are definite advantages to choosing mediation.



So then comes the most important question: what are handy divorce mediation tips?



Things to Consider When Wanting a Speedy and Cost-Effective Divorce Mediation



There are a few divorce mediation tips here:



1. Make Sure You Have All Your Information



That’s number one for divorce mediation tips here. Why? Because like any other process, particularly for divorce, getting everything from full names of each party involved (including children if applicable), social security numbers, addresses, work addresses, and phone numbers can help a divorce mediator move a lot quicker through the process. Moreover, there’s the issue of….



2. Mutual Agreement



In other words, out of all divorce mediation tips, this one simply means that you and the other spouse must agree to the divorce. Mediation isn’t a dispute. It’s a negotiation. It implies that a divorce is eminent and both parties are okay with that. So for sure when considering any divorce mediation tips, make sure you and your spouse agree on the divorce.



And then of course….



3. If There Are Disagreements With Any Provision of a Petition, Compromise



Of course, that’s what a mediator’s actually for. To help with compromise. But, for sure, compromise makes a negotiation progress a lot easier.



And when it comes to divorce, nothing beats easy.