Divorce Mediation Long Island

Divorce Mediation Long Island

Divorce Mediation Long Island

Guide to Divorce Mediation in Long Island


How do I find a Mediator on Long Island?


There are a number of ways you should consider searching for mediators on Long Island.  Helpful associations for divorce mediation on Long Island include The New York State and Mediation Council of New York and the Family Divorce and Mediation Council of New York.  Both of these services are located on Long Island, and so are other services you should consider.  

Many attorney firms have mediators that work for them.  By simply contacting a respected and well known firm, their office will tell you how to find appropriate help for divorce mediation on Long Island.  

Lastly, always consider asking people you know for a referral.  Some of the best services supplied by mediators travel by mouth, and if you know someone who has been involved in a similar case as you, you should highly consider asking them for a referral.  


Can I Receive Reduced Fees for Divorce Mediation on Long Island?

According to the official government website of the New York Unified Court System, you may be eligible for free or reduced-fee mediation sessions.  This rule doesn’t apply to cases that involve domestic violence, child abuse, or when a spouse cannot be located.  

Also, if your divorce case is already in court, you can still receive free services for custody and visitation mediation by a mental health professional who is employed by the court.  These types of employees are sometimes referred to as Family Counseling and Case Analysts.  


How Should I Open Divorce Mediation on Long Island?

You can open mediation before or after you serve the initial documents needed for opening a divorce case such as a petition, summons, or response.  A mediator can help you with these forms, but they will charge additional money for these services.  

When you decide to file divorce mediation on Long Island, you want to contact the appropriate association or law firm for which the mediator works.  If you are having trouble deciding between a couple of different mediators, you’ll want to ask the following questions:


1) How many divorce trials have you overseen as a lawyer or judge?


2) How many divorce cases have you had in court?


Your mediator can then help you with child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution of property and finances.  Your mediator in Long Island will likely advise you on the following  issues as well:


• Chance of one spouse obtaining the marital residence


• What property should be split and/or sold


• Which assets have and don’t have real value


• Whether any of your assets are negative equity assets


• How much each spouse has contributed to the increased value of the marital property


• General laws about transferring assets and what paperwork needs to be filled out


What is the Cost of Divorce Mediation on Long Island?

Each case is different, but you can expect the following costs: 


• $290 per hour for each sessions and a minimum of two sessions 


• $1,000 for all preparation of documents


• $450 for court filing fees


• $50 for other court fees




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