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Divorce Made Easy

Divorce Made Easy


How is Divorce Made Easy



Is Divorce Every Easy?



Divorce is often a complex, emotionally draining, and outright complicated procedure.  If a divorce is contested, there are usually attorneys involved, and trials may go on for a long period of time as numerous issues are resolved.  



However, there are certain measures you can take to make your divorce move as quickly, and easily, as possible. 



Divorce Made Easy



The first step toward working for a divorce made easy involves simply talking with your spouse.  You have both agreed, at least in some cases, that divorce is your only option at this point.  Talk about procedures you want to take, the type of divorce you want to pursue, and talk about rough guidelines as far as property.  This step may seem rudimentary, but divorce is made easy if you are willing to work with your spouse.  



The next step involves the type of divorce you and your spouse wish to pursue.  



Types of Divorce Made Easy



Certain types of divorce are easier than others.  The following two types of divorce will let the divorce proceedings flow smoothly and in a timely manner:



Uncontested Divorce



This type of divorce is possible if you and your spouse are on reasonable terms and have made an agreement outside of court.  There is a limited amount of paperwork needed for this kind of divorce.  



Contested Divorce without Representation



This type of divorce is possible if you and your spouse disagree on one or several issues and need to bring the case in front of a judge.  This type of divorce is made easy because even though the case needs brought in front of a judge, there are no lawyers representing you or your spouse.  This will save time and money, and one a judge makes a decision on the conflict, the case can proceed in a timely manner.  



Divorce Made Easy with Legal Document Assistant (LDA)



A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) is a person who provides assistance to any person representing himself or herself in a divorce.  An LDA helps a person prepare legal documents for the public, and this is usually the only service they are allowed to provide.  Their services first became legal on January 1st, 2000 in California and other states have adopted similar laws.  



An LDA can help you with documents associated with divorces, legal separations, child custody, and child custody, but by no means can they represent you in court.  Their services make the divorce procedures easy because they help you fill out documents and look over the forms to make sure there are no mistakes.  Their services are only available to people who are in agreement with their spouse.  



You can find LDAs if you travel to your local County Clerk’s Office and ask them for a list of all LDAs in the area.  Make sure your LDA is certified and allowed to practice.  People such as government employees and individuals certified under the State Bar (or anyone that works for members of the Bar) cannot legally act a LDA.