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Kentucky Divorce Forms

Kentucky Divorce Forms


Quick Guide to Kentucky Divorce Forms


A petitioner is limited on the number of Kentucky divorce forms they can fill out.  The state only provides several KY divorce forms, and these documents are located under the official website of the Kentucky Court of Justice.  All of the documents open to the public are grouped together, but all of the Kentucky divorce forms are located under Civil Forms.  


If you are thinking about divorce in KY, you should contact a family law attorney immediately.  Some of the forms open to the public still need assistance by a lawyer, and other forms must be filled out solely by your attorney.  When thinking about divorce, know that attorneys’ costs are expensive and that you should only initiate the divorce when you are ready.  


Some of the following Kentucky divorce forms are listed under the Court of Justice:


Form FC-3 Case Data Information Sheet


This Kentucky divorce form officially lists the legal names of the petitioner and respondent, their contact information and place of residence, date of births, social security numbers, and the child’s information.  The form also asks for a description of the relationship between the petitioner and respondent.  


Form 105 Civil Summons


This form notifies the respondent that legal action has been brought against them and they have up to 20 days to act after the paper is delivered to them.  


Form 245 Dissolution of Marriage Finds of Fact and Conclusions of Law


This Kentucky divorce form is one of the longer documents offered to the public.  The document asks for the following:


• Date and place of marriage

• Ages of the petitioner and respondent 

• Occupations of both the petitioner and respondent

• Addresses of both the petitioner and respondent

• The date of the Summons

• Previous marriages and how they were terminated

• Proof that one party has resided in the state for at least 180 days before filing the petition

• Military status

• Efforts for conciliation 

• Evidence of a written agreement

• Children’s names ages, and current addresses

• Custody of parent that would provide best interest of child

• Who will pay for child support and how much they will pay—either /week or /month

• All marital property, contribution to the property, and maintenance to the property


Form 239 Final Verified Disclosure Statement


This form is the longest KY divorce form offered to the public.  This document asks for very detailed information on employment, wages, liabilities, types of insurance, benefits packages, child support guidelines, marital property, debts, and detailed monthly expenses.  


Form 152 Uniform Child Support Order


This KY divorce form is a legal document that should be filled out under the complete supervision of an attorney.  The document orders which parent will pay child support and whether health insurance is calculated in the cost.  The Kentucky divorce form also contains the Wage/Benefit Withholding Order for Employer form.  If there are more than two children, a separate form must be filled out.