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Alimony Calculator Hawaii


A Short Introduction to Alimony Calculator, Hawaii



What Is a Hawaii Alimony Calculator?



A Hawaii alimony calculator is an instrument that allows you to estimate your alimony payments by plugging in certain variables such as Annual Gross Income. They rely on fixed, rigid formulas to generate an estimate, and unfortunately, in Hawaii this is not an accurate reflection on how the court arrives at alimony. Judges have almost total freedom to decide what an appropriate amount is, so using a Hawaii alimony calculator will do you little good.



But there is still some hope. By looking at the factors which influence a Judge’s decision, you can simulate the effects of an alimony calculator for Hawaii.



What Factors Influence a Hawaii Alimony Calculator?



If you want to determine what a Hawaii alimony calculator might tell you, answer these step-by-step questions to get a better sense of the procedure:



1. Was one spouse financially dependent on the other? This may be because of an income disparity, a savings disparity, or a disparity in separately owned property. Disparities of $20,000 or more in Gross Annual Income are usually looked for to establish dependency.



2. Did the marriage last at least seven years? Only in rare cases is alimony asked for when a marriage lasts less than that time, and the award tends to be greater the longer the marriage lasts. 



3. Is one spouse unable to find work to support their lifestyle? Alimony shouldn’t be ordered simply to enable an unemployed lifestyle, but in cases of disabled spouses, elderly spouses or spouses with custodial responsibilities, it is absolutely necessary. These first three questions serve as the main basis for establishing whether alimony is necessary or not. The other questions will mainly help to establish what the exact amount might be.



4. What was the standard of living established during the marriage? How much money will be needed to maintain a comparable one?



5. Do retirement benefits exist that the spouses had expected to split between themselves during their marriage?



6. How much alimony can one spouse manage to pay while maintaining a lifestyle comparable to that of their marriage?



7. Does the spousal paying alimony have other monetary obligations (spousal support payments, other alimony payments) that the court’s order might interfere with?



8. Is money needed to pay for the re-education of one spouse so that they can re-enter the workforce?



9. Did one spouse perform domestic duties such that the other spouse was able to focus on their own career, i.e. to what degree does the spouse paying alimony owe their income to their spouse?



Where Can I Learn More about the Alimony Calculator, Hawaii? 



Statute §580-47 of Hawaii law stipulates the factors that should be used to influence a judge’s alimony decision in a divorce case. If you’d like to know more about alimony calculators in Hawaii, you can read Statute §580-47 here: