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Alimony Calculator Georgia


A Brief Introduction to the Georgia Alimony Calculator



What Is a Georgia Alimony Calculator and Where Do I Find One?



A Georgia alimony calculator is a form in which you can input various statistics such as both spouse’s Gross Annual Income, and the calculator will return an estimated alimony payment.



Any alimony calculator will depend on strict guidelines for alimony payments in the state, which will make alimony more predictable. Unfortunately, such strict guidelines don’t exist in the state of Georgia. In fact, no guidelines existed at all until 1980, when the Georgia legislature passed the first statute regarding alimony estimates. 



What Factors Does a Georgia Alimony Calculator Take Into Account?



Though you’ll be hard pressed to find an actual Georgia alimony calculator, there are several factors that you can research to help you estimate what your payment will be. The Georgia law governing alimony payments is Title 19, Section 19-6-5 of the Georgia Code, and it stipulates that the following should be considered in determining alimony awards:



1. The exact duration of the marriage: Alimony payments are unlikely to be ordered in most divorces shorter than seven years unless extraordinary circumstances prevail.



2. The age of the two spouses: The older a spouse is, the harder it will be for them to join the workforce.



3. The physical and emotional condition of the two spouses: Ability should also be considered by a Georgia alimony calculator when asking if a spouse should be expected to join the workforce.



4. The finances, independent and relative, of each spouse: Are both spouses able to support themselves without alimony? Will one partner leave the marriage much wealthier than the other?



5. The education necessary to rejoin the workforce: One spouse may be liable to pay for the others education.



6. The domestic services offered by one partner during marriage: If one spouse owes their career’s success, their household’s stability or their child’s rearing to the other spouse, then alimony can offer compensation for the giving spouse.



7. The property kept by each spouse after the dissolution of the marriage: The more property kept by one spouse, the greater their ability should be to pay alimony according to a Georgia alimony calculator.



Read the whole code here


What Kinds of Alimony Does a Georgia Alimony Calculator Estimate?



For the terms stated about, a Georgia alimony calculator is working on what is termed permanent alimony. That is alimony which starts at the finalization of a divorce and must be paid monthly until the date a court orders it to stop. The usual duration in Georgia is 1/3 of the length of the marriage, but in cases where one spouse is elderly or disabled, the order may last until one spouse’s death.



There is also rehabilitation alimony, which is meant as short-term payments to assist a spouse gain more education to rejoin the workforce. A Georgia alimony calculator for these will consider mainly the cost of the education. 



Temporary alimony orders are also possible for while divorce proceedings occur. They are usually similar to the amounts in a permanent order and a Georgia alimony calculator should consider similar factors.