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Why do People get Divorced

Why do People get Divorced


Guide to Why People get Divorced



Divorce in the United States



From the 1950s, divorce steadily rose until the percentage of divorces peaked in the 1980s.  Since then, divorce rates have slowly fallen and leveled out in recent years.  The reasons for divorce have evolved as well.  Technology and social media have had a significant impact on the rates of divorce and now stands as one of the top reasons for the dissolution of marriage in the United States.  The answer to why do people get divorced varies from marriage to marriage, but some of the most common reasons fall below.  



Why do People get Divorced?



The list below contains some of the most common reasons why people get divorced in the United States.  



Lack of Communication



The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) lists lack of communication as the number one reason for divorce in the United States.  No issue can be resolved with communication problems, and no communication will just snowball the problems into a reason for divorce.  






The AAML ranks infidelity as the second most common reason for divorce in the United States.  The act can either lead to communication problems or be a direct result of communication problems.  



High Expectations



This reason as to why do people divorced is somewhat connected with a lack of communication.  Many couples will come into a marriage with high expectations of constant romance and great conversation, and although these aspects usually do occur at the beginning of marriages, the rate may decrease with the duration of the marriage.  If a spouse’s expectations aren’t meant and there is a lack of communication, the marriage is usually in trouble.  






All marriages need physical compatibility, but marriages need emotional and mental compatibility just as much.  If a spouse can’t understand the other spouse’s feelings, this usually puts a huge dent in the marriage.  This reason for divorce has decreased over the years as younger couples in the United States have begun to marry later and live with together before marriage.  



Lack of Physical Attraction



A lack of physical attraction is one of the biggest facts as to why do people get divorced.  There may be a large physical attraction at the beginning of a marriage, but as time goes by, a spouse may care less and less about their physical appearance.  Keeping up with your physical appearance and taking care of yourself is one of the biggest signs that you are happy and trying to impress the other spouse.  



Grounds for Divorce



You may be asking yourself, “Why do people get divorced, and what are the grounds for divorce?”  All of the instances listed above can add to one or more grounds for divorce.  The grounds for divorce may vary from state to state.  For example, adultery is not a reason for divorce alone in some states.  The list below contains some common grounds for divorce in the United States:



• Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage



• Cruel and Inhuman Treatment 



• Abandonment 



• A felony or imprisonment 



• Adultery 



• Judgment of Separation 



• Separation Agreement