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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Kentucky

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Kentucky


The least expensive kind of divorce that can be obtained in Kentucky is known as an “agreed divorce.” In this procedure, couples agree to separate and prepare a written document detailing how they have agreed to resolve such potential areas of dispute as:


• Child custody arrangements

• Child support payments

• Alimony payments

• Visitation rights

• Division of shared property

• Payment of shared debts


When creating a budget to determine how much a divorce cost in Kentucky, agreeing to draw up this kind of paperwork without a lawyer will reduce your expenses easily. Many templates can be found online that can be used to create a legally acceptable agreement that can be submitted to the court for approval. 


There will be a one-time filing fee regardless of the type of divorce being sought. In Kentucky, a couple may file a joint petition for divorce. The charge can range between $100 and $400 depending on the county. If one spouse is filing the petition, the other must officially be served a copy of the complaint. For those who cannot afford this, a waiver can be received. Keep this in mind if you are worried about how much does a divorce cost in Kentucky.


When one spouse is served with divorce paperwork, they can help reduce the expense of going to court by not contesting the petition and agreeing to work in good faith with their partner to create a mutually acceptable separation agreement. However, some partners may choose to file an official response with the court, for which an additional fee will be assessed. When preparing a budget to get an idea of how much does a divorce cost in Kentucky, it is important separate joint and single expenses.


During the pretrial process, there are two ways couples who are unable to craft a separation agreement can help avoid leaving final decisions to a judge. At court-supervised informal meetings, both parties will be encouraged to discuss their disagreements with the help of a neutral advisor. Some couples may choose to retain the services of an attorney specializing in divorce mediation to help them create a document before going to court.


Should no written agreement be obtainable, one or both spouses may decide it is desirable to hire private legal counsel. This will require you to significantly revise your estimate of how much does a divorce cost in Kentucky. If you decide you need to hire a divorce lawyer, it is very important to get a detailed, written estimate of how many hours they expect to work in preparation for your trial and what your final expense will be.


In awarding child support payments, Kentucky judges may take into consideration any factor they consider relevant. While official statewide child support guidelines can set the amount awarded, a judge has the final say in how much a divorce cost in Kentucky. Some of the reasons the amount requested can be amended include:


• A child’s financial resources

• Both parents’ financial resources and obligations

• A child’s medical expenses