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When to Get a Divorce

When to Get a Divorce


Knowing When to Get a Divorce



What to do if your marriage is in trouble



Nobody enters a marriage with intent of getting a divorce.  Yet, as years go by and you’re faced with stress and evolving personalities, your marriage may show signs of being in trouble.  There are several things two spouses should do if they feel their marriage is deteriorating, and many couples enroll in marriage counseling, start having interesting dates again, or add more affection and surprise to their physical lives.  



It’s important to try and save your marriage—especially if you have children—but you know when to get a divorce if the right signs appear and there is no solution.  



When to Get a Divorce



If you’ve tried everything to save your marriage and you’re still witnessing the signs described below, it’s usually when to get a divorce.  The signs listed below aren’t necessarily associated with every couple, and knowing when to get a divorce varies with every couple.  The signs below only serve as a guide, and you’ll have to make the final decision of when to get divorce on your own:



Nothing in Common



If you and your partner spend a significant time together in the same household and in public but engage in little conversation, your marriage may be in trouble.  Silence is never good, and problems can’t be worked out if both spouses are lacking conversation.  



Changing Appearance 



If you and your spouse are getting along and they make improvements in their physical appearance, the change is a good sign within a marriage.  However, if a spouse is showing no care for personal appearance or even hygiene, this is a sign the spouse is unhappy and lacking care about the marriage.  



Arguing about the Same Thing



If it seems like every interaction is turning into an argument and the argument always turns to a particular subject no matter where it started, your marriage may be in serious trouble.  This means there’s a serious issue within the relationship and a marriage counselor is usually needed.  



Feeling like you do everything wrong



Another major sign of when to get a divorce is if you feel like you or your spouse is constantly criticizing the actions of the other spouse.  The criticism may even be about little things, but these little annoyances are usually a sign of a much bigger problem.  



Is there little Intimacy?



One of the biggest signs of marriage trouble is when two spouses have no intimacy.  Intimacy can become less frequent as spouses get older, but serious signs of no intimacy include not knowing the last time sex occurred or the last time your spouse did something romantic.  Intimacy is a key component to marriage, and once the intimacy subsides, the marriage usually does as well.  



Make a List



One of the best ways to officially know when to get a divorce includes making a list of both positive and negative aspects of your marriage.  If there are significantly more negative aspects and these problems have no chance of being resolved, this is usually a sign of when to get a divorce.