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Find Out How To Make Visitation Easier

Find Out How To Make Visitation Easier


Divorce can be a challenging experience, not only for the divorcing couple, but also for their children. Conflict between the parents may lead to a complicated visitation process for the child. However, making visitation easier for a child can make a significant difference in their overall well-being.

Communicate with Your Child

When parents separate, children often feel overwhelmed and confused about the situation. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate with your child and ensure they understand the process. Explain how visitation will work, when it will happen, and reassure them that they will still have a relationship with both parents.

Cooperate with Your Co-Parent

Children benefit considerably, both emotionally and academically, when they have a healthy relationship with both parents. Co-parenting is essential in ensuring that the child has the best possible relationship with both parents. Work cooperatively, communicate openly, and prioritize your child’s best interests. Avoid involving the child in any conflict, as this can create anxiety and tension.

Maintain Consistency and Predictability

Divorced parents should maintain a consistent visitation schedule to help their child feel secure and have a sense of stability. If the child knows the schedule and can predict which parent they will see on specific days, it can be very helpful in reducing anxiety and stress.

Encourage Open Communication

The child should feel comfortable expressing and sharing their emotions with both parents. Creating an open communication relationship with your child encourages them to disclose their feelings, which plays a crucial role in helping them deal with the challenges of divorce.

Create a Safe Space

Parents should create a warm, welcoming environment for their child during visitation time. Creating a comfortable space where the child feels welcome can help to build a positive and lasting relationship.

Keep the Child Occupied

Keeping the child engaged during visitation time is essential. Parents can plan various activities and events to keep their child occupied. This not only promotes a healthy relationship between the child and the parent, but it also encourages children to engage in positive social and recreational activities.


Making visitation easier for a child who has divorced parents is crucial to ensuring their overall well-being. Parents should maintain an open and healthy relationship, working together to communicate effectively and prioritize their child’s needs. Creating a stable schedule, encouraging open communication, providing a safe space, and keeping the child engaged can make the visitation process more comfortable for both the child and the parents. By working together, both parents can provide their child with the support, security, and care they need to thrive after a divorce.

A child visitation schedule that is set up with each party’s needs in mind makes the child visitation schedule easier for everyone involved.

Planning fun activities for the child and parent to do together during their child’s visitation schedule will allow the child to feel loved and cared for by each parent.

The child will feel better about spending time with each parent if they are positive about the situation. A parent’s negative feelings about the child’s visitation schedule could affect the child’s feelings as well.

Back-handed comments, complaints, and general sourness can too easily reflect on the child and their mindset. While maintaining a positive outlook, parents should recognize that the child should spend as much time as possible with each parent.

A common child visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent, usually the father, is every other weekend and holidays. However, that schedule leaves the non-custodial parent with very little time to actively parent their child. The courts have recognized this and child visitation rights have helped to make more balanced schedules between parents. Making sacrifices is necessary when it comes to making sure children are happy with the child’s visitation schedule.

Each parent should focus on the child when it is their turn to be with them. A parent should concentrate on spending quality time with the children when they are together so that the child knows they are loved.

That being said, a child visitation schedule should also reflect the age of the child. An infant would not benefit from constantly bouncing back and forth between houses while a teenager may be more comfortable doing so. Child visitation rights take the age of the child into account when approving or making a child visitation schedule.

While it may be difficult to come up with a child visitation schedule that everyone is comfortable with, it is worth it to make sure the child can grow to be happy and well-adjusted. A divorce can actually benefit a child when they no longer see their parents fighting anymore.

A child should not have to continue to see their parents arguing after a divorce is finalized. Making child visitation easier on the child is one of the most important jobs of the parents.