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Uncontested Divorce Vermont

Uncontested Divorce Vermont


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce Vermont


What Is an Uncontested Divorce Vermont?


An uncontested divorce Vermont can only occur if both spouses are entirely in accord with each other concerning every single term of their divorce. Even a seemingly minor argument, such as the exact amount of child support owed, could land a couple in trial as they negotiate. 


Who Can Get an Uncontested Divorce Vermont?


In order to qualify for an uncontested divorce Vermont, you need to qualify for a regular divorce in the state, which meets meeting Vermont’s residency requirement. You should have lived in the state for at least the past six months before beginning divorce filings. Before the divorce is final, at least one of the spouses must have been a Vermont resident for an entire year. 


The initial Petition should be done in the district court of the county in which one of the two spouses resides, it doesn’t matter which.


Vermont is a No-Fault divorce state, but only if the couple qualifies by having lived separately and apart for a minimum of six continuous months. If that time has not been spent apart, then divorce can still be filed under the following fault grounds: gross neglect, mental illness, three or more years of imprisonment, seven years of willful desertion, and adultery.


What Forms Will I Need to File for Uncontested Divorce Vermont?


Even though it is much simpler and cheaper to end your marriage by means of an uncontested divorce Vermont instead of a contested one, there is still no shortage of paperwork that will need to be filed and trips to the court that will need to be taken.


Here are all the forms you will need to file for uncontested divorce Vermont:


Form 800, Cover Sheet: The spouses are both named.


Form 835, Summons, Complaint for Divorce and Notice of Hearing: Roughly the most important form you will need to file, it begins the uncontested divorce Vermont process.


Health Department Vermont Record of Divorce or Annulment: This is a record of the uncontested divorce Vermont kept for statistical purposes.


Affidavit of Military Service: Both spouses are sworn to have not participated in the military.


Form 813, Affidavit of Income and Assets: This lists the financial information of each of the spouses such as taxes paid, debt incurred, and what property is owned.


Final Divorce Stipulation: The document which lays out some of the terms of the uncontested divorce Vermont.


Proposed Final Order: This is referred to in many other areas as a Marital Settlement Agreement.


Additionally, if a minor child is involved, the following forms will also be required to get an uncontested divorce Vermont:


Form 836, Summons, Complaint for Divorce and Affidavit of Child Support: The complaint required to begin the uncontested divorce Vermont.


Expanded Affidavit of Income and Assets: More financial information is required because of the additional burdens of child support.


From 802, Child Support Order: The official document which specifies how much one spouse is order by the court to pay in child support.