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Uncontested Divorce New Mexico

Uncontested Divorce New Mexico


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce New Mexico


It should be little wonder than petitioning for an uncontested divorce New Mexico cuts down on many of the stresses of the traditional divorce procedure. All those bitter fights between ex-lovers and those conference room confrontations between the two spouses and their legal representation are entirely unnecessary since there’s nothing to fight about. Both spouses agree, not just that it is a good idea to get a divorce, but they agree to every term of the divorce, from child custody to the division of property.


That said, an uncontested divorce New Mexico can still prove to be a complicated process. Only by researching adequately can you be prepared for this multiple-step procedure.


Part 1: Initial Petitioning


There are several forms that you will have to file in order to get an uncontested divorce New Mexico. Be sure to be careful with these. One mistake could cost you hundreds of dollars and quite a bit of time. Here are the forms you’ll need if you and your spouse did not have any children:


• Domestic Relations Information Sheet

• Uncontested Petition for Dissolution of Marriage — must be notarized

• Verified Marital Settlement Agreement—must be notarized

• Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage


In addition, there are several more forms that need to be filed if you and your spouse have had or will have any children. They are:


• Parenting Plan

• Child Support Agreement


Take all the required forms plus three copies of each to the Clerk’s Office of your District Court. You can get the copies made at the office at a charge of 35 cents per sheet. You will then pay a filing fee of $135 and file the documents. You can petition to have the fee waived if you are in a low-income family with the Motion and Affidavit for Free Process, but this have been filed before petitioning the court. The fee may be paid in cash, check or money order.


Part 2: Petitioning the Judge


After filing all of those documents with the court, your case will have a number assigned to it for identification purposes, along with a judge. You should then go to the judge’s office. Give the judge’s assistant 1 copy of all of your documents. Just as a reminder, these are the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, the Parenting Plan, the Child Support Agreement, and the Verified Marital Settlement Agreement. 


The judge will, at a later time, read your documents. If there is something wrong with them or the judge things that some stipulation is not fair, then you will be called back for a hearing concerning your uncontested divorce New Jersey. If nothing is wrong, your Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage will be signed. You absolutely must then go from the Judge’s office to the Clerk’s Office, where you will have to file your Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage. The process if not over until this occurs. It will cost $1.50.