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Uncontested Divorce New Hampshire

Uncontested Divorce New Hampshire


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce New Hampshire

Getting an uncontested divorce New Hampshire can make matters much less difficult. Agreeing on every topic of divorce from who keeps the family dog to what child support payments will be means that less time has to be spent with lawyers and in courtrooms and more time can be spent moving on with your life. This is a guide to filing for uncontested divorce New Hampshire.


Filing for Uncontested Divorce New Hampshire without Children

Normally, just one spouse files for divorce in the state of New Hampshire and the other has to respond to their complaint with a summons. This takes extra time and can cost extra money.


If your spouse agrees with you and yours is an uncontested divorce New Hampshire, save that time and money by filing a Joint Petition for Divorce. It’s a four-page petition that requires some biographical information about both parties, any requests for child support or spousal support, and the signatures of both parties. You can find the form at the New Hampshire court’s website here


Once you print the form and fill it out, in order to file you will need to take it to your district’s Family Court. There you will need to pay a filing fee of $205 if you do not have children or $207 if you do have children. 


There are at least two other forms you will have to file at the time of initial petitioning. That includes the Personal Data Sheet, giving the court your contact information, available here:  


Additionally, each spouse will need to fill out the Financial Affidavit, available here:


Later on, you will also need to file a Certificate of Divorce, which must be completed for the your divorce to enter the final states, and the Final Decree of Divorce which the judge will sign after an eventual hearing and, by doing so, make your uncontested divorce New Hampshire final. Find the certificate here:  


Find the Final Decree here:


Filing for Uncontested Divorce New Hampshire with Children


If you have children, there are additional considerations when applying for uncontested divorce New Hampshire. A few extra forms will be required for you to fill out, including a Parenting Petition in which one spouse requests custody, a Uniform Support Order concerning specified child support amounts, and a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet which helps parents to calculate the appropriate amount of child support they need to pay.


The Parenting Petition is available here


The Uniform Support Order is available here


And the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet can be printed at this site:


You will also be ordered to enroll in the Child Impact Program prior to the first court session. There is an $88.00 fee. Read more about it here: