Uncontested Divorce Missouri

Uncontested Divorce Missouri

Uncontested Divorce Missouri


Guide to Getting an Uncontested Divorce in Missouri


What is an uncontested divorce in Missouri?


An uncontested divorce in Missouri means a divorce which is not disputed in any way. That means both parties agree that a divorce is necessary, and they agree to how their property will be divided.


Who Can Get an Uncontested Divorce in Missouri?


In order to apply for an uncontested divorce in Missouri, you need to qualify for a regular Missouri divorce. For that, you must have been a resident of Missouri at least ninety days before filing for divorce. You don’t have to have been married in the state of Missouri to get an uncontested divorce in Missouri.


What Forms Do I Need for an Uncontested Divorce in Missouri?


Getting an uncontested divorce in Missouri will eliminate many of the problems and headaches associated with divorce. Unfortunately, the process will still force you and your spouse to fill-out several forms.


Most important is the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. It asks for basic identifying information about you, your spouse and your situation. In a contested divorce, you would have to notify your spouse through a Summons that divorce action is being taken. However, since this is an uncontested divorce in Missouri, you should be able to have them sign a “Respondent’s Answer to Petitioner's Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.” It will bypass the Summons procedure and speed up matters by reassuring the court of the Respondent’s awareness of the action.


There are many other forms required for an uncontested Missouri Divorce. They include:


• Filing Information Sheet, in which personal information about both parties is given;

• Statement of Income and Expenses, in which financial information about both spouses is given for the purposes of judging the fairness of the divorce settlement;

• Statement of Property and Debt and Proposed Settlement Agreement, in which a compromise between the two spouses over how their joint property will be divided is enacted; 

• Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, in which the judge either accepts or transforms the Proposed Settlement Agreement;

• Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage, in which the divorce will eventually be finalized;

• And, if minor children are involved, a Parenting Plan recording the details of the custody agreement.


You can get all of these forms online at the Missouri Court website here


The forms can even be filled out on the webpage and some of the information used in the Petition will be reused in later forms.


Will I Need to Go to Court to Get an Uncontested Divorce In Missouri?


The first step to your uncontested divorce in Missouri will be for you to take the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage along with its Answer to your district’s courthouse, where you will file them and then pay the court-appropriate fee. After this is done, you can schedule a hearing for at least 30 days in the future. At this hearing, you must bring all the other forms and have a judge look them over. If they are approved, your uncontested divorce in Missouri will be finalized.




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