Dealing with Divorce for Men

Dealing with Divorce for Men

Dealing with Divorce for Men

Guide to Dealing with Divorce for Men

Dealing with Divorce for Men

Divorce is hard for any person, and men and women usually deal with certain aspects of divorce much differently.  However, men and women should deal with some aspects of divorce similarly as well.  Men are much more likely to keep their feelings to themselves, and a majority of men still pay support compared to women in most states.  Over 25% of children live in a household under their mother after a divorce, and the fathers are usually ordered to provide child support and spousal support.  Some women are required to pay support if their former husband has less income potential.  

Apart from the formal proceeding of the divorce, men also need to deal with the emotional components of a divorce.  The suggestions listed below are for dealing with divorce for men.  These steps are simplified suggestions for dealing with divorce for men:

Seek Support

Don’t try and hold your feelings in if you are having trouble dealing with the emotional stress of the divorce.  Talk with your family as much as possible, and more importantly, talk with your best friends.  Your friends don’t want to see you depressed or saddened, and they will provide a lot of the support you’re looking for.

Don’t feel embarrassed to seek professional help either.  A counselor can help you talk about issues you can’t talk about with your friends and family, and counselors are very good at giving suggestions in dealing with divorce for men. 

Keep a Solid Routine

Although you should start trying new things, it’s important that you keep a routine.  You want to keep up with your responsibilities as an employee and father, and day-to-day routines often help men deal and cope with divorce.  

Stay Involved in your Child’s Life

One of the biggest difficulties in dealing with divorce for men is the sense of losing their fatherly duties.  Feeling like less of a father can lead to sadness and even depression, so you want to communicate with your children as much as possible.  Depending on your custody rights, plan fun activities with your children as much as possible as well.  Do things you never did with your children before.  

You should also talk with your children about how they’re feeling as well.  Don’t let your child think that you are uncomfortable in talking with them about their feelings and about their relationship with their mother.  Reassure them that they are not responsible for the divorce too.  

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s especially important for men to stay active.  You should exercise as much as you can, and you should also eat as healthy as possible.  Good health will reduce your amount of stress and make you feel better about yourself and your self image.  Avoid using drugs and alcohol as well—these will only make it harder for dealing with divorce for men.  




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