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How to Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer

How to Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer

That idea does seem to be way out in left field, but know this: divorce is no ballgame. It’s not something somebody wins. All it is, is a negotiation. Plain and simple.

So here’s how to get a divorce without a lawyer….

The Key Is to Agree

While risking the sound of a motivational, inspirational coach, that’s what it all comes down to – an agreement. How to get a divorce without a lawyer is just about as simple as agreeing to the petition. If a spouse happens to be the petitioner, know that the other spouse will agree; and there would be no need for a lawyer.

But how? Aren’t there appropriate documents to file? How do you file them? Where do you have to go? Don’t you need a family law degree to do all of that?

The Fact Is This – No

When considering how to get a divorce without a lawyer, know that all those documents you would need to file – the Petition for Divorce, the Marital Settlement Agreement, the Financial Statement, the Response to the Petition, etc. etc. – are all available either online or at the Family Court clerk’s office.

In fact, there’s a third place anyone can obtain those documents – any Legal Assistance Center at a courthouse. Obtain the correct documents, and any Petitioner for a divorce is that much closer to knowing how to get a divorce without a lawyer.

In fact, there’s actually yet another place anyone can obtain those documents, and it doesn’t even exist in the courthouse at all; it’s called the internet.

Do an extensive enough search online, and anyone can actually find a legal online divorce system that has PDF versions of every single document anyone would need to file for a divorce. Right in the comfort of home.

If that’s not money saved, there’s no one who would know any other way.

Knowledge Is the Other Half of the Battle

How to get a divorce without a lawyer, though, isn’t without its knowledge of some of these crucial pieces of information – what details are needed in the documents, where to file them, when to file them, how to file them. And what to expect after you file them.

That may make many people a little nervous, thinking that they’re engulfing themselves a little too much into the legal system. But no worries. A simple call to a handy divorce lawyer can solve that problem immediately.

The fact is no-fault divorces typically don’t require legal representation at all. If both parties agree, why should it ever enter into court? And if it doesn’t enter into court, why would lawyers be necessary?

Believe me when I say that any attorney would understand that. Moreover, learning how to get a divorce without a lawyer can be even easier by calling the Family Court office in the county and taking notes. The county clerk can inform anyone of the process and how it works in a matter of minutes.

So a Home Run?

Most definitely. In that case, divorce can sort of be that ballgame. Because in essence filing for divorce without that attorney present is actually quite easy.

Learn what needs to be done, agree on provisions, make it simple for everyone, and get the ball rolling. It would all work out well in the end.