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How to Win Child Custody

How to Win Child Custody


How to Win Child Custody



It’s an important question and one that’s asked a million times over for many issues:



1. CPS Cases


2. Divorce Cases



3. Foster Care Cases



You name it. There are a ton of different possibilities.



So Here’s How to Win Child Custody



1. Abide by All Stipulations in Any Case



2. File Any Complaints That May Affect Custody Issues



3. Know the Process and Obtain the Appropriate Documents



4. Prove That Any Other Party Holding Custody Is Not Suitable



Here’s the rundown on how to win child custody for each of these.



Concerning CPS, it’s important to know that a child(ren) can be removed for anything in regards to the child’s health, well-being, safety, and even education. Getting the children back, though, is a painstaking process designed to prove both to CPS and to the court and judge presiding over the case that the parent(s) have abided by the stipulations.



It can be anything from….



1. Quality of Clothing


2. Sufficient Food Resources


3. Health Concerns (Unhealthy Pets, Lice, Fleas)


4. Health Dangers (Alcohol Consumption, Drugs)


5. Quality of Housing


6. Criminal Activity


7. Domestic Violence


8. Child Abuse


9. Even Spousal Abuse



If it can be proven to the court – through the assistance of such family-building programs like the Family Reunification Program – that the parent(s) are now fit to have the children back in the home, custody may be awarded back.



Other cases, like divorce, however, are a completely different issue. In the case where one parent needs to know how to win child custody, it can be as easy as filing any complaint in regards to a violation of parenting time. According to the law, parenting time is an enforced order that is violated can cost a custodial parent custody. And as long as a non-custodial parent is abiding by the parenting time order, a complaint can be filed if it’s not upheld on the other end.



In addition, no complaint or petition whatsoever can ever make it into court leading to obtaining child custody without the proper court documents. The correct steps need to be taken. Fees need to be paid. That’s How to Win Child Custody 101.



Furthermore, it does happen quite a bit that some foster homes and other places may be deemed unsuitable for a child(ren), hence the possibility that not only can a parent win back custody, but any relative may obtain custody as well based on proper evidence.



How to win child custody is as basic as knowing the truth and having the ability to prove it.



Be Thorough



Above all, though, anyone trying to seek custody of a child(ren) should know this: be thorough. When it comes to the law, specifically family law – even more specifically, when it involves children – making sure everything has been filed right, all meetings have been scheduled, and everyone is involved is crucial to ensuring the chance that children can come home.



That is, of course, the goal of any child custody case. It’s so that children can be home where they belong.