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Divorce Mediation Florida

Divorce Mediation Florida


Guide to Divorce Mediation in Florida



How do I find a divorce mediator in the state of Florida?



You can use several strategies to find help for divorce mediation in Florida.



1) The best and most widely used method for finding a mediator involved word-of-mouth referrals.  If you know someone that has been involved in a similar case as you, and was happy with the results, you should ask them for a personal referral.  



2) Another method for help with divorce mediation in Florida involve contacting a law firm and asking what mediators work for them.  



3) Another commonly used resource for find a divorce mediator includes researching one of Florida’s many mediator associations.  Some of these associations include:



• Florida Association of Professional Mediators (FAPM)



• Association of South Florida Mediators and Arbitrators (ASFMA)



• The Florida Circuit-Civil Mediator Society 



4) Also consider contacting your local County Court.  A judge may have an updated list of practicing divorce mediators in your area.  



How do I file for divorce mediation in Florida?



If you want to file for divorce mediation in Florida, you should consider researching for a mediator before you file the original Petition, Summons, or Response.  You can hire a mediator after you file for divorce, but having hired help already will save you a great amount of time.  You must contact the appropriate association or firm and talk directly with your mediators in order to know what to do next.  



How much does divorce mediation in Florida cost?



Mediation is much cheaper than a trial—most of the time—and you should be prepared to handle the following costs in the state of Florida:



• $800 for initial mediation session


• $135 per hour for each party for any additional time


• $350 for Modifications to and documents


• $400 for Dissolution of Marriage or Paternity documents


• $75 for a Quit Claim Deed



What Qualifications does my mediator need?



The state of Florida follows a point system in which all practicing mediators must qualify for.  In order to be a family mediator or county mediator, a person must have a total of 100.  These points are reached upon a number of qualifications that are explained below: 






A mediator can receive points for, and only for, their highest level of education.  The amount of points are as follows:


• Associate degree- 15 points


• Bachelor’s degree- 20 points


• Master’s degree- 25 points


• Master’s degree in conflict resolution- 30 points


• Doctorate- 20 points


• Ph.D. from Accredited Conflict Resolution Program- 40 points






Ten points will be awarded for each supervised mediation and five points will be awarded for each mediation for the type of certification which was observed.  



Mediation Training Program



Five points will be awarded for the proper completion of a 30 hour long mediation training program outside the jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court.  If another training program is completed within the jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court as well, an additional five points will be awarded. 



There are miscellaneous points a mentor can receive to officially help with divorce mediation in Florida, and these points are described on the official website of the Florida State Courts under Alternative Dispute Resolution.