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In the United States, the divorce process is designed to be easily completed without the help of lawyers by couples who can agree on the terms of their separation. For a divorce to be completed as cheaply and quickly as possible, spouses must reach a mutually acceptable written agreement detailing how they will handle every aspect of their separation. Child custody can often be one of the most contentious areas of this process. People who are confused as to their rights or how to proceed may wish to consult a child custody forum, which can refer to any kind of informative meeting or online website offering a space for people to ask and answer questions.



Though the broad outline of the divorce process is similar in every state, the actual specifics can often differ. When considering child custody and visitation rights, parents need to consider:



• How much time the child will spend with each parent



• Whether decisions made on the child’s behalf regarding medical treatment, religion and education will be the result of mutual agreement or decided by one parent



• What kind of information concerning their child parents must share and how they will do so



Each state’s judges have different factors to consider when deciding what kind of arrangement is most desirable for the child’s well-being. Some of the most common issues include:



• The fiscal resources of each parent



• The child’s preference



• The amount of time each spouse has spent with the child



• How well the parents can cooperate on behalf of their child



A child custody forum can provide parents who are confused but unable to afford the services of a private lawyer with answers to their questions about how to handle this aspect of their separation. The most reliable information will come from meetings that are attended in person. Here, lawyers or other legal authorities can answer questions pertaining to the state in question’s child custody laws. An internet child custody forum can provide advice that should be considered skeptically, since many of those giving answers are laypeople speaking from experience rather than qualified attorneys.



There are many options for those seeking free legal advice. Rather than consulting an internet child custody forum, most parents will be better served by examining their state’s official laws on the subject, which can generally be found on the website of the applicable district family court. Because legislation on this topic is subject to change, it is important to make sure any information you receive is up to date. 



In many cases, it may be possible to arrange for pro bono mediation to resolve such issues. Parties who can negotiate and resolve their differences with the help of a third party are more likely to complete their divorce paperwork accurately than those solely relying on answers obtained from an internet child custody forum. Regardless of the case, the final authority to approve an agreement or issue a ruling lies with a judge.