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How to Get Child Custody

How to Get Child Custody


How to Get Child Custody



It’s definitely about caring for the children in the situation that deserves attention. And there are two kinds of situations:



1. Foster Care


2. Sole Custody in a Divorce



It’s important to understand both. For starters….



The Idea Behind Foster Care



Children who go to foster care were either taken out of home by CPS or orphaned at a young age with no other relative able to take the child(ren) in. The fact remains: how to get child custody in this particular situation can be as easy as planting seeds as long as you know what you’re doing.



First Off, What is ‘CPS’?



“CPS” stands for Child Protective Services. They’re a department branch from within the Department of Human Services for any county in any state, and their purpose is to investigate and enforce the protection of children on a grand scale. Some of the cases they may handle include:



1. Domestic Violence



2. Child Abuse



3. Drug Abuse



4. Alcohol Abuse



5. Health Concerns (Unhealthy Pets, Lice, Fleas, Starvation)



6. Education (Truancy: Keeping Children Out of School and No Homeschooling Provision)



7. Quality of Housing



8. Food Levels



9. Clothing Quality



10. Any Evidence of Negligence



They’re responsible for many cases involving the loss of child custody. How to get child custody back, though, can be as easy as learning how to read as long as you follow the rules of English.



Basics for How to Get Child Custody In Regards to Foster Care



The first step is to not panic. It’s not going to be as if any given parent will ever see the child(ren) again. But it will be a process. How to get child custody, though, can be as simple as filing the appropriate documents and following all stipulations in an order designed to direct any parent to suitably satisfy everything CPS has addressed.



For instance:



1. Removing All Unhealthy Pets



2. Cleaning Up the House and Keeping It Clean



3. Keeping Suitable Levels of Food in the House



4. Providing More Clothing



5. Providing Suitable Educational Needs



6. Testing Negative on All Drug Tests



Once ordered both by CPS and the court, how to get child custody would be a complete certainty on the part of the parent. Plain and simple.



What About Divorce Issues?



That’s a whole different ballgame. Why? Because it will rely on the ability on any given parent to handle the responsibilities of both the Divorce Decree and suitable parenting.



Issues might include:



1. Violations of Parenting Time



2. Evidence of Child Abuse



3. Knowledge of Unsuitable Conditions in the Residence



A parent seeking child custody simply needs to file a complaint at the county courthouse for a modification of child custody. What happens then is it gets taken to court, issues are brought to the table, evidence is presented, and then the judge rules on the decision.



It can happen in a split-second. Literally.



The Bottom Line



If a parent knows what he or she is doing, getting custody back can be easy. All that needs to be done is following all the rules and keeping eyes wide open.