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What Are Fixed Visitation

What Are Fixed Visitation


Child visitation rights allow for many different types of visitation schedules to be set up. The best type of visitation schedule is usually made when parents can put aside their differences and make their own schedule. This will usually benefit themselves as well as their children. However, there are times when a couple's dislike of each other is too strong to be able to compromise or work out any arrangements of their own. When this happens, the courts will step in to make sure child visitation rights are followed and a reasonable visitation schedule is put in place. This is known as a fixed visitation schedule.

A fixed visitation schedule is one in which the court takes over and sets up a detailed schedule for the parents to abide by. Days, times and even places of the visits may be included in a fixed visitation schedule. The rigidness of a fixed visitation schedule can make it an undesirable situation for everyone involved. It is usually considered to be within a child's best interest to spend ample time with both parents. Since child visitation rights exist to protect the child and keep their best interests a number one priority, a judge will most likely try to create a schedule that allows for both parents to have an active role in their child's life. Contact a child visitation lawyer to review your case.

Fixed visitation is often used when the parents do not wish to deal with each other at all. Having the courts determine a fixed visitation schedule is sometimes used in order to allow the parents to keep their contact with each other to a minimum. If a fixed visitation schedule exists, than parents can simply follow the guidelines that have been set forth without worrying about contacting the spouse about any visitation issues with the children. 

A fixed visitation schedule is not always a bad thing. Child visitation rights usually demand that a fair schedule be made. Parents who cannot get along, would be much less likely to agree on a fair schedule if they were left to their own devices. Parents divorcing can make children feel scared and unhappy. If a routine is established between the parents, then children can have the opportunity to get used to a fixed visitation schedule, allowing for some predictability in their lives. There may also be a decent amount of conflict removed from a situation if the court decides on a fixed visitation schedule instead of leaving it up to the parents.

While child visitation rights were made to serve a child's best interest, parents should keep in mind that serving their child's best interest is their job as well. If the parents' hostility for each other has grown to the point where they need a fixed visitation schedule, they should try to at least be civil to each other for the sake of their children.