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Child’s Best Interests Criticisms

Child's Best Interests Criticisms
Radical changes are often accompanied by the evolution of law.

Due in part to the gender bias in family law, some custody decisions have been deemed as a denial of equal rights, which may be from the influence of money as it has corrupted family law.

The movement’s primary focus has been to campaign for formal legal rights for fathers, and to campaign for changes to family law related to child custody issues, support and maintenance, domestic violence, and the family court system itself.

Although this movement has been impressive, membership in this group is fleeting. Many of the members leave the group after they have achieved the desired results.

There exists no uniform methodology in terms of establishing a child custody process, but each new doctrine provides us with another alternative with which to view the process. Determining what is right for the parents is never easy, but determining the child’s best interest will always be the crux of a judge’s ruling.