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Causes and Effects of Divorce

Causes and Effects of Divorce


A Short Guide to the Causes and Effects of Divorce


No one wants to get divorce. Though we hear the terrifying statistics constantly, that 50% of marriages end in divorce, we always assume that ours will be among the success stories, no matter how misplaced that optimism actually is. Yet with the modern world being as complex as it is, should it be any surprise that this antiquated institution so often fails to meet the challenges presented by those complexities. Nevertheless, before divorce is sought, the consequences of such an action should be carefully considered, and an evaluation of the causes and effects of divorce is necessary for any troubled marriage.


The Cause of Causes and Effects of Divorce


The causes and effects of divorce are so many that it may seem silly to even try and list them. Surely no single mind could imagine all the possible reasons a relationship may crumble. Yet it is incredible how many causes and effects of divorce manage to stay within a few fixed and historically common lines. These causes are far from new, but they may still affect you.


Money: Many statistics have found that money is the number one cause of marital strife in America, and it’s little wonder why considering the terrible consequences that exist if it is managed poorly.


Inflated Expectations: No one is perfect, which is a lesson we’ve learned well in our heads but not necessarily our hearts. From Jane Austin to Maxim Magazine, our expectations have been raised about the capabilities of our partners that are beyond human. No one can read your mind and give you everything you are looking for without you working for it as well.


Poor Communication: This is related to the above. No relationship can survive without regular communication, and problems that are left unresolved merely fester into resentment and anger when they could have been easily solved at the time.


Infidelity: This is an unforgivable sin to most partners, and the whole institution of marriage is predicated on the avoidance of it.


Bedroom Issues: Sexual incompatibility is a real issue. If two married partners are unable to satisfy each other sexually, 9 times out of 10 they will find someone else who will.


Drug or Alcohol Addiction: Drugs can hide the person we love from us and contribute to all the above problems.


Violence: No one should live in a house, in which they feel unsafe, and children most of all suffer from parents who cause abuse to their spouses or children.


The Effects of the Causes and Effects of Divorce


Be aware that the causes and effects of divorce don’t just have to do with the married partners, but everyone in their family-sphere, from their parents (often cited as contributing causes) to their children. It is often thought that children suffer most of all from divorce. Study after study has shown that children with divorced parents perform less well in school and have more behavioral and psychological problems than their peers. Before you get a divorce, consider the causes and effects of divorce and make sure that in your situation, the causes don’t look insignificant next to the effects.