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Alimony Calculator Nebraska


A Short Introduction to Nebraska Alimony Calculators



Where can I find an alimony calculator for Nebraska?



While child support calculators are very common and available as PDF documents on many states’ websites, alimony calculators are much more scarce. That is because, in most cases, alimony is a very subjective concept, and in states like Nebraska judges have complete discretion over the amount of alimony awarded. That makes Nebraska alimony calculators so inaccurate as to be unhelpful, though some smart thinking can assist a citizen to estimate their alimony award as if using an alimony calculator for Nebraska.



Is there anything like an alimony calculator for Nebraska?



While no one can accurately estimate what an ultimate alimony award will be, there is one simple formula that can help you to estimate an appropriate amount of alimony that will be requested by one spouse’s lawyers. Follow this Nebraska alimony calculator equation:



1. Estimate the joint married standard of living. Look at all costs incurred by the couple during their last year of marriage and cohabitation. (If they lived separately for an extensive period of time, make sure you are looking at their last year of marriage AND cohabitation, not just their last year of marriage.) We want just the costs incurred by couple, so deduct any charges related to minor children or other possible dependents.



2. Estimate the individual married standard of living. All you need to do for a rough estimate is divide the joint married standard of living by 2.



3. Now find the difference between the individual married standard of living and the lower-income spouse’s income. If there is still costs left not covered by the income, then that is the amount of annual alimony that will likely be requested by the lower-income spouse’s attorneys.



4. Find the monthly alimony payments by dividing the annual alimony by 12.



Which factors should an alimony calculator for Nebraska consider?



Nebraska Statute  Chapter 42 Sections 365 is the most explicitly that state law describes the factors that should influence a Nebraska alimony calculator. 



The statute names the following factors:



1. Each spouse’s financial situation.



2. The duration of the marriage.



3. Contributions of each spouse to the education and the raising of children.



4. The sacrifice of one spouse’s employment or education to further the household or the marriage.



5. Each spouse’s career opportunities, such as whether they are unable to find appropriate employment because of age or because full employment is untenable because of guardianship of a minor child.



There are many other factors that the court can use in determining alimony amounts, but the rest aren’t part of Nebraska State Statutes. They have been passed along via judicial decisions in the past century. For instance, the court’s ability to recognize each spouse’s debts in crafting alimony was made law in Carter v. Carter in 2001.



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