Court Role in Visitation Schedules

What Are Court Ordered Visitation Schedule

  Parents each have visitation rights when it comes to parenting their children. When a couple divorces, unless they have joint custody of their children, there will be one custodial

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Determining the Best Interest of the Child First

The Family Law Act exists to serve the best interest of the child, when determining custody and visitation. However, it can be hard at times for a family court to

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Understanding Legal Representation

When a couple with children decides to divorce, one issue that they must consider, is what type of visitation schedule they are going to have. A parent may wish to

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Easy Guide to Completing Paperwork File With Clerk

Anytime a parent wishes to file for a change in visitation arrangements, their will be legal visitation forms that must be filled out. The process of changing a visitation schedule

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Court Role in Visitation Schedule

  When a couple decides to divorce, there may be facing a lot of litigation processes. When there are children involved, the couple has more to worry about than the

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