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Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma

Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma


No one desires a divorce. The concept’s reputation as one of the most feared and hated legal procedures available has been well earned. It means saying goodbye to a person that you’ve genuinely loved and to a time in your life when you thought you’d really found happiness. 

No uncontested divorce Oklahoma will save you from that heartache, but, that said, it might help you to move on with your life as quickly as possible.


What is an Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma?


An uncontested divorce Oklahoma is one in which both parties agree to all the terms of the divorce. That means not only do they agree that a divorce is necessary, but they agree with how they’ll proceed once the divorce is finalized—how they’ll split their property, how they’ll split the custody of their children if they have children, whether spousal support or child support is necessary and, if so, how much it should be. If any arguments exist at all, then this is not an uncontested divorce Oklahoma, and if those disagreements aren’t settled during the divorce process, then the divorce will end with a trial, which is a costly expenditure of both time and money.


Who Can File for an Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma?


First, you should be sure that you’re eligible for Oklahoma divorce. There’s a six month residency requirement, so that even if you were married in Oklahoma, you can’t get an uncontested divorce Oklahoma unless you or your spouse has lived in the state for the past six months. Additionally, you can only file in a county in which either yourself or your spouse has lived for the past thirty days. Oklahoma’s divorce laws are no-fault, so you don’t have to cite cruelty or adultery to be awarded a divorce. Simple incompatibility will do.


What Forms Do I Need to File for an Uncontested Divorce Oklahoma?


There are many different documents that are necessary if you wish to file for an uncontested divorce Oklahoma. Though it is truly much simpler than a contested divorce which might result in a trial, you’ll still have to invest a few days of your free time into correctly filling out these forms. Remember that a simple mistake may cost you weeks of time and hundreds of dollars.


Here are the forms you’ll need to file for an uncontested divorce Oklahoma:


• A Domestic Relations Cover Sheet identifying the two spouses;

• A Petition for Divorce, the most important document that you can file since it begins the uncontested divorce Oklahoma proceedings in the law’s mind;

• A Verification, in which you state that everything previously stated in the Petition is true;

• A Marital Settlement Agreement, which lays out every single term and condition of the divorce from child support to the family dog;

• Financial Affidavit, which must be filed separately be each spouse and which is used so that the court can know the other party isn’t being cheated;

• An Entry of Appearance, which the other spouse uses to waive the notification process and move the uncontested divorce Ohio proceedings along;

• A Child Support Schedule;

• A Child Support Worksheet;

• A Notice of Final Hearing, which helps you to schedule the date that your divorce will finalized in court;

• A Decree of Divorce, in which the process will be finalized by a judge.