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Uncontested Divorce Arizona

Uncontested Divorce Arizona


How to Get an Uncontested Divorce Arizona


Uncontested divorce Arizona can be an excellent way of speeding up the divorce process in the state all while lowering instead of increasing the acrimony between the two parties. If you and your spouse disagree on issues such as child support or the division of your property or debt, then uncontested divorce Arizona may not be the best method for you, as it is meant not just for couples who agree to divorce but for couples who agree on all the practical issues resulting or stemming from the divorce. If under this definition you qualify, continue reading for more information on filing for uncontested divorce Arizona.


Step 1: Initial Filing


The only way to begin the process of an uncontested divorce Arizona is to fill out quite a few forms, unfortunately. All of these can be picked at your district court. For a married couple without children, you will require the following:


• A Summons to the other party in the divorce, a formality in most cases, as the court needs to be sure that both parties understand that a divorce in ongoing.

• A Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage, which formally begins the uncontested divorce Arizona procedures

• A Preliminary Injunction Against Both Petitioner and Respondent, which is meant merely to stop any enormous financial expenditures that may be done out of spite in the last days of a marriage, or to stop any hiding of funds from the other party.

• Notice Regarding Creditors an Debt, which should be given to creditors if you have shared debt as a married couple.

• Notice of Your Rights Regarding Health Insurance, which is an information sheet for your benefit.

There are additional forms required at this time if there are minor children involved in the divorce. Those forms include:

• Affidavit Regarding Minor Children

• Order for Completion of Domestic Relations Education Regarding Children’s Issues, which is an order for both parties to take a subsidized course on how to handle children during a divorce. This course must be taken within 45 of filing for divorce.

• Important Notice for Parents of Minor Children with Domestic Actions in Supreme Court


If your spouse comes with you to the court house, the Acceptance of Service of Process can be given to your spouse right then. If not, the Acceptance of Service of Process must be signed in front of a notary public once the spouse receives a copy of the divorce papers.


Step 2: Final Filing


After at least 60 days from the time that one partner signed the Acceptance of Service of Process, both parties may appear at the court to finalize their uncontested divorce Arizona. An appointment should be made the day before, and two documents should be brought to the court, the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage and the Domestic Default Cover sheet. If minor children are involved in the divorce, a Child Support Order, and Order of Assignment, and a Fact Sheet must also be filled out and filed at this time. The judge will review the forms and sign your uncontested divorce Arizona, making it immediately effective.