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North Dakota Divorce Forms

North Dakota Divorce Forms


Guide to North Dakota Divorce Forms


North Dakota divorce forms are provided by the official website of the North Dakota Supreme Court.  All of the free ND divorce forms are for self-represented parties, and there are documents for child support and simple divorce proceedings.  According to the state’s Supreme Court, you can only use these ND divorce forms if:


1) The husband and wife agree on all issues


2) The husband or wife has lived in North Dakota for at least six months


3) The husband and wife have no minor or dependent children (more forms need filled out) 


4) This is the only legal action between the husband and wife.  


If you are thinking about divorce in the state, you should contact a family law attorney before you do anything.  A lawyer will help you fill out the right documents at the right time.  The slightest mistake can seriously delay the divorce process and even affect the final results.  


Some of the North Dakota divorce forms the state offers are listed below:


Form 1 Summons

This form notifies the other spouse that a divorce has been filed against them.  The form also notifies the spouse that the petitioner will receive everything they ask for in the lawsuit unless they file a written answer within the appropriate time period.  You will need you case number administered by the county clerk, and you will need to provide your name, the defendant’s name, and your address.  


Form 2 Complaint

You must answer a variety of questions within this form, including whether you or your spouse have lived in the state for the last six months, and the date, city, and state of your marriage.  You must date this form for future reference.  


Form 3 Verification

This form tells the court that the complaint and summons are filled out to the best of your knowledge.  This form must absolutely be filled out in Notary public.  If you fail to tell the truth within this form, you may be tried for perjury.  


Form 4 Settlement Agreement

You must write and date when your spouse received the summons and complaint for divorce.  This agreement states that you and your spouse want dissolution of marriage.  There are a total of 24 questions you will need to answer.  These questions determine how all real property and liabilities will be divided after the divorce.  


Form 5 Property and Debt Listing

This form is needed along with Form 4.  You must list all financial assets, pensions and retirement plans, all personal property, all debts, and all real estate.  This form must be signed in from of Notary public.  


Form 7 Affidavit of Proof

This form is mainly for filing services and includes your name, the date of your marriage, and whether you are seeking the services of a lawyer.  If you are seeking legal help, you must list their name, address, and contact information.  


Important Note: You must make two copies of the Summons and the Complaint and give one of each to respondent.  The respondent should make copies of the Settlement Agreement and Property and Debt Listing.