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Divorce Worksheet

Divorce Worksheet


A Quick Guide to a Divorce Worksheet



What is a Divorce Worksheet?



Although divorce worksheets vary in format from state to state, they all generally do the same thing.  The form provides your family law attorney with all of the information they will need for the case.  This form usually serves as the first form between you and your lawyer, and the divorce worksheet is quite comprehensive.  



What is included in a Divorce Worksheet?



Depending on your type of divorce and type of family a divorce worksheet may ask for the following information:



1) A brief history of your family, parents, siblings, education, employment history, and any prior marriages.  



2) A brief summary of your spouse’s family, siblings, education, employment history, and any prior marriages.  



3) A summary of how, when, and where you met your spouse, whether you lived together before the marriage, and when you decided to marry.  



4) A list of all assets and liabilities you brought to the marriage, including, but not limited to: property, bank accounts, furniture, cars, or houses.  



5) A list of all assets and liabilities your spouse brought to the marriage.  



6) A summary of all major assets you bought and sold during the marriage and how the money was handled.  Also, provide a summary of all debts and liabilities that were paid off during the marriage, and any debts you still have.  



7) A summary of every job you or your spouse had during the marriage, the duration of those jobs, and where you and your spouse work now. 



8) If you have children, you will need to provide their names and birthday.  Additionally, you need to provide whether you attended birthing classes and how your spouse responded to the birth of each child.  You will also have to describe your relationship with each child now, and who provided the majority of care for the child.  List all good and bad qualities both you and your spouse demonstrate as a parent.  



9) Provide a summary of all separations you had with your spouse in the past and where the children lived during the separation.  



10) Provide a summary of all good and bad characteristics you showcase as a spouse provide the same information for your spouse.  



11) List your wishes for child custody after the divorce becomes finalized.  Describe who should have custodial rights and who should have what type of visitation.  



12) Provide a detailed summary of what led to the marriage becoming irretrievable.  Describe whether or not you attended marriage counseling, and if so, list all of the counselors’ contact information and how the counseling sessions proceeded.  If marriage counseling has not taken place, describe whether or not you and your spouse would consider attending marriage counseling.  



13) Provide information on whether you and your spouse are currently separated or not.  List all conversations you’ve had since the separation and where each of you currently live.  



How do I find a Divorce Worksheet?



A simple search over the internet will put you in touch with standard divorce worksheets.  If you are looking for a particular form, you should contact the attorney’s office in which you wish to receive services from.  They will be able to provide you with a proper form.