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Coping with Divorce

Coping with Divorce


Quick Guide to Coping with Divorce



How Can I Cope with a Divorce?



There are numerous strategies for coping with divorce.  Some strategies work better for certain people, and some individuals may even consider taking more steps beyond those mentioned in this article.  



Divorce is by no means easy, even if the legal process ended the stress involved in a bad marriage.  Even if you are completely relieved because the divorce has become finalized, you should still expect some difficult emotions in any amount of time down the road.  You may consider using the advice of some of the following steps when coping with divorce.  



Allow Yourself to Grieve



Again, even if you are happy that the divorce is now over and official, you should still expect to grieve.  You still have good memories that involve the other spouse in the past, and you may have lost financial, emotional, or intellectual support.  Try working one some of the following recommendations:



1) Don’t fight the grief.  It’s important to think about the past in order to get over the past.  If you suppress these feelings, it will only delay the grieving process.  



2) Talk about your feelings with people that are close to you.  Rely on your family for support, and rely on friends that have stuck with you through the divorce process.  



3) Establish goals for moving on be flexible with these goals.  Make plans that will help you to move on, and postpone these plans if you’re not ready.  



4) Think about the future as much as possible.  Understand that your dreams of the future change, and make sure you tell yourself that dreams and goals are constantly changing.



Reach Out for Support



Apart from simply talking about your feelings, spend as much time as you can with people who are willing to support you and motivate you.  Don’t associate with people who are known for judgmental attitudes, and try making new friends besides couples you associated with while you were married.  Know the difference between being told suggestions of what to do and actually just being told what to do.  You don’t want to associate with people that are going to bring you down in the end.  



If reaching out to people you know and even attempting to make friends does not help, you need to consider outside help.  You need to know the difference between a normal reaction and serious depression.  Consider seeing a counselor or attending a support group



Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Take Care of Yourself



One of the best ways to avoid depression and sad feelings most of the time involves staying healthy.  The suggestion seems simple, but a surprisingly large amount of people forget that staying active can cure a great deal of sadness and grief.  



You should avoid using drugs, alcohol, and food to cope with your emotions as much as possible.  These initiatives are only going to worsen your feelings in the end.  Exercise as much as possible, and practice stress-relieving activities like listening to music or taking a hot bath as much as possible.