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Cheap Divorce in Illinois

Cheap Divorce in Illinois


There are many different variables that are involved when trying to compute the expense of a divorce. The most reliable way to obtain a cheap divorce in Illinois is to file for a Joint Simplified Dissolution Procedure. This option is available to couples if:


• They possess a combined gross income of less than $35,000

• At least one spouse has been a resident of the state for at least 90 days

• A written agreement has been reached on how to divide property

• There are no minor children involved

• The marriage has not exceeded eight years


If children are involved, there will be a slightly higher fee to file for a Joint Simplified Dissolution Procedure. Written agreements in such cases will include details on how to handle:


• Alimony

• Child support payments

• Visitation rights

• Child custody arrangements


By coming to terms on a written agreement to submit to court, couples can ensure they receive a cheap divorce in Illinois. In some cases, they may not reach an agreement on all areas by themselves. Couples facing this problem who agree on the importance of completing a separation arrangement before appearing in court may decide to share the costs of hiring an attorney specializing in divorce mediation.


If a spouse does not consent to the divorce or disagrees with the proposed terms, he or she may file an official response. There will be a separate fee assessed for this service, as well as for other motions such as requesting a hearing to specifically change the proposed visitation terms. For this reason, each spouse may need to prepare a separate estimate of what their cheap divorce in Illinois will cost.


Couples who can complete a separation agreement without the help of a lawyer will save a great deal of money. However, if one or both spouses decide they could benefit from the assistance of a privately retained attorney, the expense involved will make it difficult to get a cheap divorce in Illinois. Since such lawyers often charge an expensive hourly rate, be sure to obtain a detailed, written estimate of what you can expect to pay during your initial consultation with any attorney.


When no agreement can be reached, a judge will make the final determination of whether or not it will be possible for you to obtain a cheap divorce in Illinois. Judges who issue a ruling regarding child support payments have official state guidelines to follow but may modify the amount based on:


• The child’s financial needs and resources

• The standard of living established during the marriage

• The child’s physical, emotional and educational requirements

• Both parents’ financial resources and obligations


The court may take into consideration any factor they consider relevant when awarding alimony payments. Some things a judge will consider include:


• Both party’s earning ability

• Both party’s financial resources

• Any tax ramifications of requested alimony payments