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Alimony in Kansas

Alimony in Kansas


Alimony in Kansas is used to make divorce settlement equitable and provide for the one of the spouses in the divorce if they will be put in a financially disadvantageous position due to the loss of martial property or income provided by the spouse.  There are three forms of alimony, one of which is applied before a settlement and two others that refer to post marriage arrangements.  The decision to grant alimony is decided by the courts after a request is made by either party.  Alimony typically lasts until death or remarriage, unless the conditions of the alimony in the divorce agreement apply the alimony for a specific purpose with a finite amount or term specified.



Types of alimony in Kansas



Kansas law recognizes the need for temporary alimony during a divorce settlement.  This is applied only when the spouse is put in a difficult situation due to the divorce proceedings.  They will have no income and generally will not live in the marital home.  The more secure spouse will pay temporary alimony at this point until the divorce is resolved.  The court is the only body that has a say in whether temporary alimony will be granted and this arrangement will last until the end of the divorce proceedings.

Short term alimony is ordered as specific compensation when there is not enough martial property to ensure an equitable split.  This includes substantial costs accrued by one spouse on behalf of the other, such as education expenses. 



Long term alimony, which is the alimony most people are familiar with, is imposed indefinitely, usually with the conditions that the spouse give u palimony when they remarry or die.



Avoiding an alimony obligation



You should never attempt to skip payments for alimony in Kansas, as you will be subject to civil action and the possible seizure of your property to pay debts.  This alimony debt is never discharged during bankruptcy.  Ending alimony will either involve proving that the spouse is now financially secure or cohabitating in a marriage-like relationship with another individual.  This will need to be brought before a judge who is the only person authorized to modify an alimony order.



Will I receive alimony in Kansas if I am a man?



The husband in a marriage is allowed to collect alimony (spousal support) if he will be put in a financially destitute situation, then he too may receive alimony.  The law does not apply a gendered standard to alimony agreements.  The divorce law will give you the best answer on if you can expect alimony in Kansas from a substantially wealthier wife with a better earning potential.



Ways to pay alimony in Kansas



For some arrangements, such as reimbursement alimony, you may pay this off as a lump sum, either in full or in partial payment, as long as the spouse agrees to that arrangement.  All others will be assessed monthly, either through direct payment or wage garnishment.  The court will make a judgment on reliable payment methods and other provisions for the payment of alimony.