Types of Custody

2 Types of Sole Legal Custody

Oftentimes, even an amicable divorce settlement may be a catalyst for emotional pain. However, the destruction and devastation that a hostile divorce may cause is limitless. In cases where the

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Sole Physical Custody Explained

Due to tumultuous past experiences that took place during the duration of the marriage, or the fear of sacrificing one's relationship with their child, upon a finalized parenting plan. Sole

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Know The Different Types of Custody

Divorce is never an easy process, and from the divorce stems several other issues with which both parents need to address. There are the often bitter feelings, assignment of fault,

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Facts You Must Know About Joint Legal Custody

Although physical custody lacks legal terminology, it has very real legal implication. Physical custody is often used to denote the living situation of the child in question, rather than the

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Understanding Joint Physical Custody

Divorce can be a difficult event in an individuals life. However, it is not uncommon for a child of a terminated marriage to undergo mental and emotional trauma. An ending

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