Understanding Catholicism

Similar to lawyer Catholic church  "What God has joined, men cannot divide": This quote taken from the bible was interpreted by the Church to mean that a marriage cannot be

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Understanding The Catholicsm Process

The process of a marriage annulment through the Catholic church can be tedious and lengthy. Often times lasting over a year, there are a few distinct steps one should know

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Criticisms for Allowing

As in the instance of many controversial topics, exist numerous criticisms against the practice of a marriage annulment. A common argument refers to societal norms. People are more individualistic in

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What Are The Catholicism Implications

In consideration of the process dissolves a marriage, and deems the wedding fictitious, there are numerous implications to be aware of after obtaining a Catholic marriage annulment. The most tangible

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Easy Guide to Annulment Catholicism

BackgroundThe history of annulment is rich with Biblical passages and reference to theocratic doctrine. Countless allusions to the hopes, practices, processes, and expectations of marriage are laid out in Canon

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