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Spousal Support Virginia


Guide to Spousal Support in Virginia


Is there a calculator for spousal support in Virginia?


The state of Virginia has many laws that target spousal support.  Many counties follow a standard formula for calculating spousal support in Virginia, but there is no formal calculator for the entire state of VA.  Nonetheless, many courts choose to follow the Fairfax County Formula to calculate spousal support in Virginia.  


How does the Fairfax Formula Work?


The formula that Fairfax County uses calculates roughly how much spousal support is needed.  However, unlike other states with unique calculators, the Fairfax model does not determine the duration of spousal support payments.  The final results of the formula are also contingent upon a large number of conditions in Virginia and family law. 


If a judge decides to use the Fairfax formula, the spousal support in Virginia is determined the following way:


The total amount of spousal maintenance = (30% of the gross income of supporter) – (50% of the gross income of the supported)


A judge may either choose or not choose to use the unique formula listed below, and that figure is still adjustable based on conditions such as adultery, other mandatory expenses, or when income of both parties is relatively high.  


The calculator on this website uses the Fairfax model to formulate your estimated spousal support in Virginia.  The calculator also uses information from Form DC-603 Notice of Information Required in Child/Spousal Support Proceedings to calculate your estimated spousal support in Virginia.  The conditions, excluding the adjusted gross income, in Form DC-603 that may alter the Fairfax model include:


1) What is the physical and mental health of each spouse along with their age?

2) What is the type of employment for each spouse?

3) Does either spouse have a license, certificate, or registrations for a certain kind of profession, trade, business, or any other type of occupation?

4) What type of healthcare can each parent provide for the child, and which type is better?  How much coverage does each parent’s insurance offer?

5) How much will the healthcare cost in order to cover the children only?  What if the spouse is listed under the healthcare?

6) Are there any day care costs for the children?  Are there any private babysitter costs for the children?

7) Does the supporting or supported parent pay child support for another custodian of another child and how much do they pay?

8) Is the supported or supporting spouse responsible for providing funds to any other person and how much?


There may be more conditions for your spousal support in Virginia, and a judge will take every finance and debt into account.  After deciding upon the spousal support in Virginia based upon the Fairfax formula or their own calculation, a judge may choose to offer any number of different maintenances.  Some common forms of spousal support in Virginia include general support, transitional support, reimbursement support, interim support, and possibly more.  These types of spousal support in Virginia may last for any period of time as long as the judge deems the period appropriate.  


How Can I find forms for Spousal Support around Virginia?


Apart from filing the film listed above, DC-603 Notice of Information Required in Child/Spousal Support Proceedings, to the Country Clerk, you will also have to file a form to your employer so they can withhold payments for maintenance support.  The form is called DC-646 Compliance Provisions Income Withholding for Support and your employer must submit this document to the County Clerk.