Prior to Divorce

Alienation Of Affection

Alienation of affection refers to a situation in which the affection that binds a couple is lost or destroyed. Affection, or love, is necessary to maintain a romantic relationship. Without

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Your Ultimate Divorce Checklist

Preparing for child care The first step in preparing for divorce is to gauge the situation.  If many forms of entanglement exist between spouses the first consideration on the divorce checklist

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Consider This Before Making the Decision to Divorce

The considerations of filing for divorce should be taken very seriously. In fact, many couples try to stop divorce once it has begun because they realize that the decision to

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Knowing The Kinds Of Divorce Preparations

Because of the frequency of divorce in this country, many couples prepare for a potential filing for divorce before they are even married. Some couples enter into prenuptial or post

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Understanding The Decision to Divorce

The rate of divorces in the United States continues to rise as the rate of marriage continues to decrease. Divorce is utilized as a legal dissolution of marriage, and subsequent

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