Parenting Plans

Find Different Parenting Plans Examples

One of the most complicated aspects of a divorce is the child custody issue. It is true that if parents can put their differences aside for the child, the process

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Parenting Plan Issues and Situations a Parenting Plan Address

The avoidance of litigation during a divorce is not always a viable option if the spouses have not maintained amicable relations. However, should the need arise to institute child custody

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Child Custody Parenting Plan Overview

The main focus of a parenting plan should be for the care, well-being and development of the child. As a result, a focus on the best interests of the child,

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Process of Parenting Plan Binding Arbitration

The difficulty and at times inability of an individual to communicate with one's spouse during a time of divorce is a common occurrence. Many times, one or both spouses may

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Understanding Parenting Plan Enforcement

Oftentimes, in the midst a divorce proceeding, couples are loathe to speak to one another. Some divorces are more contentious

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What Are The Parenting Plans Requirement

Divorce is never an easy process; it is often stressful of both of the parents and especially the child. However, with the cooperation of both parents, they are able to

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