Where Alimony Started

children Today's alimony laws are different, but derived from the ones that began in the ecclesiastical court in England. Alimony rights were granted to women when the husband, as the

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Alimony Becoming a Requirement

Today's alimony guidelines are very different from before. A judge will usually grant alimony to one spouse only if it can be proven that one spouse was financially dependent on

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Effects of Divorce Liberalization

While women on average still earn lower salaries then men, they have achieved a level of financial independence that previous generations did not know. Years ago, it was a given

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Gender Bias

There are many reasons why men receive less alimony, spousal support, and child support than women do, though the number of men receiving such payments is growing. According to alimony

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Permanent Alimony Defined

Automatic entitlement to family courtmarriage has been longfinancially dependentPermanent alimony used to be the only kind of alimony payment. For centuries, a married woman had limited rights and no way

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