Changing Visitation Schedule

All You Need to Know About Changing Visitation Schedules

  Changing Visitation Schedules When a couple with children divorces, there are many legal considerations that they have. Child custody and visitation are two issues that a parent must face

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What You Need to Know About Presenting Papers In Court

When a couple with children is in the process of getting a divorce, issues like custody, visitation and child support will be issues that arise and must be handled in

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Visitation Contempt Explained

There are many issues to handle when a couple decides to divorce. Visitation, the division of assets and custody are a few of them. A divorce with children involved is

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Who to Contact and When to File a Motion

There are many reasons why a couple may need to change a visitation schedule that they previously had agreed on or were ordered to follow. One parent's work schedule may

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