Court Mandated Mediation At A Glance

A court mandated mediation is typically enforced by a state or local court to a family or couple that is stricken with personal problems or disagreements concerning the transfer of

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Mediation In Arizona

In the case there is a legal dispute of any kind in the state of Arizona, the parties involved may decide to enter mediation as a method to bring a

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What Are The Mediation Benefits

Mediation for divorce allows spouses to work together, sometimes for the first time in a long time, in the attempt to tackle disagreements head on. Couples going through divorce mediation

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Understand The Role of the Mediators

Court-appointed or independently hired divorce settlementscourt hearing          Divorce mediators are playing an ever-increasing role in divorce cases across the country. Many courts prefer to use a

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Mediation At A Glance

The role of a mediator in the filing process of divorce can be instrumental in assisting all parties involved in the achievement of a fair, balanced, and civilized settlement. Oftentimes,

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