Child Support Distribution

Child Support Payment Distribution Methods

Child support payments used to primarily be paid by check. Today, it is more common for custodial parents to receive their child support payments in two other ways, although a

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Understanding The Distribution Rules

In ordinance with child support law, the family courts have established distribution rules to keep the process of paying child support running smoothly. Statistically, there exist many non-custodial parents who

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Guide to the Distribution Process

Child support services may help establish the court order dictating the non-custodial parent's conditions of child support. The second step that child support services handle is sending the noncustodial parent's

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What Are Distribution Arrears

A non-custodial parent is usually required to make a child support back child support A child support payment is usually paid by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent in

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Distribution Overview

Child support divorcefile for divorce In some cases,the non-custodial parent may make payments directly to certain expenses that have been

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All You Need to Know About Distribution Punishment for Non Payment

Each state has their own Division of Child Support. This makes it easier to keep track of parents that do not pay their child support. Any child support enforcement agency

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